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The fantastic fishing ground s just out of Maldives may be the best
kept secret in the big game fishing world. Let “Down Under” help you experience these truly magical waters. Aboard this beautiful maintained vessel will put you into some of the best fishing action that Maldives Islands have to offers.

“Down Under” boasts all the amenities necessary to ensure an awesome day, no matter if you are a veteran angler or a first time fisherman. Hang out in the cockpit while your Captain  & 15 seaman fishing these waters, puts their range of first class tackle to work. Either way, know that at any time, the “fish of a life time” maybe just beneath the prop-wash.

With 24 passenger limits (not inclusive seaman & its Captain) “Down Under” is perfect for memorable lifetime trips.

Season open from August till April, which February, March & April  is the best season for Giant Yellow fin Tuna.